Three meals a day


Don’t Miss The Handsome Lee Jong-suk on Three Meals a Day!

Lee Jong-suk started his career as a runway Mã Sản Phẩm in 2005, & became a South Korean actor who starred in School 2013, I Can Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger, Pinocchio, W, While You’re Sleeping, The Hymn of Death, và Romance is a Bonus Book.

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Moreover, he was also a guest star on the reality show Three Meals a Day, a famous cooking show. See how good a cook he is, & be ready to laugh & be surprised. Enjoy our summary of Lee Jong-suk on this cooking reality show with! Stay tuned!

About The Show


Three Meals a Day or 삼시세끼 (Samđắm say Sekki) in Korean, is a reality show about cooking one’s own food three times a day. Samham mê Sekki or Three Meals a Day started airing on October 17, 2014.

This show invited the cast to lớn live sầu in rural area or fishing village & survive by cooking their own meals. Furthermore, the show invited guest stars to appear, making this show more interesting.

Episode 8

Lee Jong-suk’s First Appearance


Lee Jong-suk came khổng lồ Deukryang isl&, Goheung, Jeollanam-vị as the fourth invited guest on the show. He brought along heavy stuff, which turned out to be food ingredients from the grocery store. He came in hesitantly when entering the house. He kept stepping backward when he realized his best friover, Yoon Kyung Sang, was not in the house, only Eric và Lee Seo Jin were in the front yard. Finally Lee Jong-suk greeted all the cast who had been preparing to cook the meals.

Cast Members’ Pranks On Lee Jong-suk


Before Lee Jong-suk arrived, Kyung San knew he was coming and planned to lớn trick hlặng. Kyung San hid behind some bushes & watched hyên ổn panicking over meeting the hyungs, Lee Seo Jin và Eric Moon.

The charming Lee Jong-suk then put his bag inside the house and asked the Kyun Sang’s cat-children where their dad went since he was not accustomed khổng lồ the new situation.


Lee Seo Jin and Eric Moon united khổng lồ help Kyung Sang prank their new guest. When Lee Jong-suk asked where Kyung San was, they conspired lớn answer that he was busy working outside, so might be gone until late afternoon. Then Eric Moon directed Lee Jong Suk khổng lồ took a tomato lớn and wash it behind the bushes. The naive Lee Jong Suk looked for the tap water to wash the tomalớn, & was so shocked when he saw Kyung San appear that he stumbled over his feet.

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Lee Jong-suk Reunited With Yoon Kyun-sang


After the prank scene, finally the friends were united, hugging each other. Yoon Kyun Sang và Lee jong Suk worked together on the năm ngoái K-drama Pinocchio. They are actually a few years apart in age, but they are really close và are often seen showing their bromance.

Enjoying Cold Udon Made By Lee Seo-jin

After celebrating their reunion, they continued khổng lồ help Lee Seo-jin and Eric Nam prepare their lunch. Lee Seo-jin prepared cold udon, which was served with sunny-side-up eggs, udon, dried seaweed, and a signature sauce.

After finishing their cold udon, Lee Seo-jin & Eric Nam went fishing. The day before, they only managed khổng lồ catch one fish, and Eric Nam looked determined to lớn get more this time.

More Bromance Between Lee Jong-suk And Yoon Kyun-sang


Lee Jung-suk always stayed very cthất bại by Yoon Kyung-sang, và the men took care of each other. Lee Jong-suk fed the last scoop of food khổng lồ Kyung Sang, whose hands were full carrying things. In several scenes, the actors appeared lớn be holding hands and taking care of each other.

Their bromance makes this reality show more interesting to lớn watch. You will smile when seeing Kyung san check on Jong-suk after he bumped his head on the ceiling door. One scene that must not missed is when Kyung-san patted Jong-suk head & made food when he was hungry. So lovable!

Lee Jong-suk & Yoon Kyun-sang Prepared For Lunch


When they went fishing, the young team, Lee Jong-suk và Yoon Kyun Sang, were preparing kimchi fried rice. They discussed the ingredients they needed for the recipe, & Lee Jong-suk suggested cheese, but said he wasn’t sure about it. The scene caused a lot of laughter, since Jong-suk is clearly not skilled cook. Even though he wasn’t much of a cook, he still made himself useful to lớn his hyungs by washing dishes and doing other jobs.

Of course, Kyung-thanh lịch became the last chef in the house. He put green onion in hot oil in the frying pan, & then the kimđưa ra that Jong-suk cut. The fire made Jong-suk a little bit nervous và he kept backing away from it, until Kyung-san teased hlặng about it. Finally, they added potted ham mê and rice khổng lồ be the final parts.

When Jong-suk tasted the fried rice, it seemed bl&. They tried khổng lồ add more salt and sugar, which they did several times when seasoning the kimđưa ra và yêu thích. Their expressions were priceless! They made such an adorable team.