FOCAL POINT: Front-row chatter at Haider Ackermann’s fall show centeredon one square-inch of silver plastic — a gleaming pasty that was the only thing standing between Nicki Minaj’s breast and the wider world.

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But the best-selling female rapperwas less focused on causing a stir than on stirring her own imagination. Since arriving in Paris on Wednesday, Minaj had attended fall shows includingH&M, Balmain and Rick Owens.

“I’m definitely getting inspired,” the artist said. “This is a great way to lớn get some visuals I could use in videos or in photo shoots.”

The Riông xã Owens show had been a high point for Minaj.“People probably think I wouldn’t lượt thích that, but I bởi — it was so different,” she said. As for Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain, “That’s always a movie. When I saw that show I was thinking, wow, I could take some of this inspiration out on tour.”

Minaj was perched between music producer and “How lớn Be Parisian Wherever You Are” co-author Caroline de Maigret & the singer Lou Doillon. During the show, Minaj perked up at the sightof anelectric xanh pantsuit, snapping a pholớn.

Irimãng cầu Lăzăreanu,the former mã sản phẩm và musical collaborator of Pete Doherty và Sean Lennon, said she was developing an exhibition to showat the Centre Pompidouin September. “It’s like a swan song to literature. It’s an homage lớn lyrics and poetry,” she said.

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