Let’s Get to Know More About Klặng Eun Jin, Wife of The Founder of SM Entertainment

Kim Eun Jin was the wife of Lee Soo Man, who’s the founder of a famous South Korean entertainment company, SM Entertainment. SM debuted Girls Generation, Super Junior, Red Velvet, EXO, & many other well-known artists. As we know, SM Entertainment has made tremendous contributions lớn the popularity of the K-Pop entertainment industry in this era. Not everyone knows much about Lee Soo Man’s life and his family; even his family portrait is difficult lớn find since he really protects his private life.quý khách vẫn xem: Sm entertainment founder lee soo man's wife passes away after 2

Lee Soo Man’s wife, Kim Eun-jin, has passed away, and their love sầu story is rather long. In this article, let’s read more about Kyên ổn Eun Jin, wife of Lee Soo Man, who passed away in 2014! Stay curious!

Who Is Kyên ổn Eun-jin?


Kyên Eun-jin was the lovely wife of Lee Soo Man, the founder và head of SM Entertainment. From a source, Lee Soo Man and Kim Eun-jin met in the United States in 1984 & married after that.

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Lee Soo Man was a caring và loving husband. He continued khổng lồ serve sầu và take care of his wife after Kyên Eun-jin was diagnosed with cancer of the intestine in 2012. She received chemotherapy treatment & surgery, but it didn’t save sầu her.

Their love sầu story was like a fairy tale. In 1984, they met & fell in love in the United States of America and got married. They were setting up SM Entertainment in 1989 và had two sons together. Later, in 2012, after his wife’s cancer was diagnosed, Lee Soo Man always stayed cthất bại to lớn her during her life & treatment, every single day and night.

When his wife experienced an allergic lớn sunlight because of her cancer, Lee So Man bought a new house in Los Angeles for his wife convenience & condition, to better tư vấn her treatment.


Passed Away in 2014


Lee So Man & his family are not very open about their private life. The TV Daily, a South Korean television truyền thông media, was trying lớn collect information through phone calls but weren’t able to lớn get any information since SM Entertainment was not available khổng lồ phản hồi at the moment.

Later, a local news agency claimed that Kyên Eun-jin, wife of Lee Soo Man, had passed away on September 30, 2014, after battling cancer for two years. Right after that, the official statement was launched, stating, “The small intestine cancer was first discovered in December, 2012, & after receiving surgery in January, 2013, she continued lớn receive chemotherapy. Producer Lee Soo Man was continually by her side và nursing her ever since the discovery of cancer. However, the cancer relapsed and after two years of struggle, she passed away on September 30, 2014.

They also closed the funeral, making it for only private guests và family. It concluded, “The funeral occurred quietly without notice lớn the public và only with the family as desired by the deceased & her family, and the final rites were concluded on October 2, 2014. We ask for comfort and prayers for the deceased.

Kyên Eun-jin’s Funeral


The funeral of Klặng Eun-jin, Lee Soo Man’s wife, was only for family and cthua thảm relatives, as SM Entertainment revealed in their public statement. It was held on October 2, năm trước.

Various artists sent condolences to lớn Lee Soo Man’s family, including Victoria f(x), Siwon Super Junior, and former Girls’ Generation thành viên, Jessica Jung. They all expressed their sympathy and condolences through online posts.


Choi Siwon of Super Junior, who was with the rest of the SM Entertainment artists present at the SM Town Live sầu World Tour in Tokyo nhật bản, tweeted his sympathy message for Lee Soo Man on October 5, saying, “Please be svào. We will finish (our concert) here well và go (khổng lồ you.) The others also pray for the repose of (Kim Eun Jin’s) soul.” Siwon posted the message in English và Japanese so the foreign fans would understand.

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Victoria of f(x) also wrote her condolences via her official Instagram, along with a photo of the venue where their concert was that day. She uploaded the message, “I feel a deep sadness about the passing of Sir Lee Soo Man’s wife. But we’re always with Sir Lee Soo Man. He’s a father-like pillar to lớn us. We’ll finish our concert well and go (to lớn you)~ Be strong!

Despite being surrounded with controversy, former Girls’ Generation thành viên Jessica Jung, who had just left Girls Generation not long before this happened, sent her respect và condolences, as well. On October 6, Jessica Jung posted a message on her Weibo, “I was so shocked khổng lồ learn about the news, my heart feels bad. I pray for her soul,” Jessica said, in Korean. She followed this with a message in English, “Please accept my deepest condolences. My thoughts và prayers are with you. She will be greatly missed.

That’s all about the passing of Lee Soo Man’s wife. Our deep condolences lớn their family, may they always be strong and continue to make an awesome life. is also hoping the cure for cancer will be found soon. Don’t forget lớn comment & tóm tắt your thoughts below!