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Kang Ho-dong is a South Korean comedian, television host, và former professional wrestler, who is best known for hosting South Korean TV shows such as ”X-Man” và ”Love Letter.”


Ho-dong was born on June 11, 1970, in Jinju, South Gyeongsang trọng Province, South Korea.Quý Khách đang xem: Kang ho

He went khổng lồ Masan Business High School.

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After high school, Kang began his career as a Ssireum (Korean wrestling) wrestler.

On July 8, 1989, at the 44th national Ssireum Championships, Ho-dong defeated the legendary wrestler Lee Mangi. He also won the tournament.

During his wrestling career, Kang won the Cheonhajangsa Ssireum Championship 5 times và the Baekdujangsa Ssireum Championship 7 times.

He once said:

“I wrestled when I was young. When I was a professional wrestler, I even received the ‘man of great strength’ title with the public’s tư vấn.”

Comedian Career

After he retired from wrestling, Kang began his comedian & MC career in 1993.

Ho-dong later became the host of many television programs, including:

Ya Shim Man Man;Love Letter;X-Man.

In 2008, he became the first comedian in history khổng lồ win the Baeksang trọng Arts Awards Daequý phái for Television category.

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In 2011, Kang hosted 4 variety programs:

Strong Heart;Star King;Golden Fishery;Happy Sunday – 2 Days và 1 Night.

Tax Evasion





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Kang Ho-dong married Lee Hyo-jin in 2006. They got married after two years of dating.

When asked how he first met Lee Hyo-jin, the former wrestler confessed:

“Me & Yoo Jae Suk (a South Korean comedian) went on a blind double date. We had assigned partners for our date.”

Ho-dong added:

”When I first saw , I thought lớn myself, ‘This person is the mother of my children.’”

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In 2009, the couple welcomed their first son, named Kang Si-hoo.

In 2013, during the broadcast of SBS’s “Barefoot Friends,” Kang said about his son:

“My son is now attending kindergarten, và not long ago he came trang chính with a diploma that said ‘King of Wrestling.’”

During filming for Day You Eat Out, he confessed:

“My son grew up seeing my wrestling photos on the wall, so he thinks I’m an incredibly svào person và never jokes when I’m there.”


Ho-dong is 1.82 meters tall.

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In 2012, it was reported that he will start a project in South Sudan to help poor children in the African country.

The Green Umbrella Childfund Korea declared:

“Kang is planning khổng lồ start a project lớn open a school and build other facilities for children in Sudan.”

Kang Ho-dong – Net Worth

Ho-dong earned most of his wealth from his professional wrestling career as well as from hosting numerous popular variety shows. In addition, Kang made some money from his restaurant as well as investing in real estate. At the time he was accused of tax evasion, Kang earned around $2.8 million per year. Therefore, comedian Kang Ho-dong has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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